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Designed for home/office automation programmers and configurators, Advanced Network Configurator is the perfect tool to get you up to speed when you configure those local IP devices which are separated from the “Intranet”.

Advanced Network Configurator is a suite of tools designed to make AV Automation and thorough data analysis easier. Its main feature is the IP address configuration utility which lets you create multiple network profiles for each of your network cards where each profile contains different IP settings that can be applied to an associated network card. The utility runs in the Notification Area and you can also select a profile from the Notification Area icon.

In addition to this, Advanced Network Configurator also comes with a number of sophisticated consoles such as a TCP Server, TCP Client and a Serial/RS-232 Data Terminal. These consoles can display exactly what the far device sends you — meaning the data is displayed without removing non-printable chars (when Expert Mode is enabled). You can use the RS-232 Console and the TCP Client to connect to projectors, LCD screens, Lighting systems etc and monitor exactly what’s coming through their serial ports or the TCP connections. You can use the TCP Server to send any data you want back to a TCP Client and this makes it suitable for AV automation troubleshooting for cases when you want to test some specific conditions based on a particular data received.

Advanced Network Configurator also comes with graphical wrappers for tools such as Ping, Trace Route and Route as well as obtaining / changing the Computer Name, Domain and NetBIOS name and Adding Local User accounts. Additionally, through the main menu, you have access to some common Windows network utilities and you also get a Network Interface Report that shows you detailed information about your network cards .

Advanced Network Configurator was developed with the Qt libraries but at its base it makes native operating system calls so at least for the time being, it is for Windows only but my intentions are to eventually port it to non Windows operating systems.

A bit of history

Advanced Network Configurator was originally developed with Embarcadero’s C++ Builder IDE and the VCL and I have a fully working (now out of date) statically linked VCL only edition but the Qt edition (dynamically linked) is more up to date and I have added more features.

Why the Qt edition?

I developed interest in Qt so I wanted to familiarize myself with this framework. So what could be better than rewriting/porting existing projects? Advanced Network Configurator is one of those projects.

Please download and try out Advanced Network Configurator and tell me what you think. I need your feedback. Do you think there is something that needs to be improved? Did you find a bug? Please email me and let me know or leave a comment.

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