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Advanced Network Configurator 1.0 Beta 8 Released

After about two weeks, I have completed the new Beta 8 release and below I have included the change log:

  • Added a programmer oriented RS-232/Serial Data Terminal with ASCII, HEX and BIN capabilities
  • Added a TCP Server with a Console with ASCII, HEX and BIN capabilities
  • Created a new tab called “Consoles” and moved TCP Client, TCP Server and RS-232/Serial data terminals there
  • Improved horizontal resizing
  • Fixed: If main window got expanded while located at the edge of the screen, the dialog expanded past the viewing area
  • Fixed: Pasting bug in TCP Client and some other negligible bugs
  • Fixed: Sometimes TCP Client would not recognize the server had closed the connection - this should be fixed now
  • Fixed: Re-arranged tab positions not getting restored on next launch (if moved)
  • Fixed: Width not getting restored on next launch (when session exited in Expanded Mode)
  • Relocated Net Tools to the Expanded Section
  • Fixed: Some theme errors

Keep checking this site frequently. I have a tendency to upload mini updates after major beta releases such as this. These updates fix little things I might have missed during the official release. If you find something annoying or not working as it should, please let me know.

Of course, Beta 8 official screenshot:


Advanced Network Configurator has come a long way since its first Beta 1 release. As you can see I have moved past the point of simple profiles and I am trying to really make this a great tool. Keep checking this site for full progress and Beta 9 updates.


Updated: June 19, 2015 — 10:43 pm

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