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Beta 7 Progress Update 4

Here is another update. The TCP Client is nearly complete but it requires some additional tweaks. It’s currently aimed at AV programmers and this means it sends exactly what you tell it to. This also means that every time you send a command, CR and a LF are *not* automatically sent for you *unless* you add $0D$0A as part of the data string. This is especially important when the data is going out to projectors, LCDs etc where every byte matters and this is why I designed it like this but I know some people will want to use this as a regular terminal so I’ll do some tweaks that will have this as an option.


I like that shaded aqua-blue area in the log window. May be I should make it white? Hmm but if I do, there will be too much white. It needs to be pleasant to your eyes when you look at it instead of hurting your eyes.

Updated: May 31, 2015 — 9:42 pm

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