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Beta 7 Progress Update 2

I’ve added a second horizontal resize handle. Pay attention to the blue border on the left. Now you will be able to resize ANC’s window horizontally either from the left or right. Take a quick look at the screenshot below. The handle also beautifies the interface.


It looks like Beta 7 rather than bringing you more advanced features as with Beta 6, it will instead focus more on flexibility and ease of use. As for the WiFi Manager, I’ve done some progress with it but I am just thinking, is there much point reinventing the wheel? The one included with your operating system already does a great job so perhaps I should focus my time on something more useful - a feature that you would want to use. I am thinking of….. (you’d have to wait and see). I have a great idea for a feature in mind!

Updated: May 28, 2015 — 9:24 pm

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