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Advanced Network Configurator 1.0 Beta 6 Released

I am happy to announce the release of Advanced Network Configurator Beta 6. This release is a major departure from my original path which was to focus on changing network profiles and network profiles only so this new release now brings you a number of advanced features. The following is the change log for Beta 6:

  • Added Set and Retrieve Computer Name
  • Added Set and Retrieve Domain Name
  • Added Set and Retrieve NetBIOS Name
  • Added “Join a Domain” (untested) + detects if your PC is already joined (tested)
  • Added “Add User Account”
  • Added “Generate Multiple User Accounts” (you set the number of accounts) with random user IDs and a custom prefix
  • Tweaked Aquarian theme to give a better softer shade of aqua - nicer to the eyes
  • Tweaked UI elements spacings in some areas to fix some GUI glitches
  • Fixed a start up bug causing ANC to sometimes (only on start up) crash
  • Started implementing a Wi-Fi Manager (not currently enabled)


I hope you like this release. I tried hard to make sure everything works as expected.

Updated: May 23, 2015 — 3:35 pm

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