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Trinity Desktop Environment R14.0.1 Released

My favorite desktop environment for Linux, Trinity Desktop Environment has reached R14.0.1.

Below is a part of the original announcement. Those screenshots I have posted in my earlier posts are not the default TDE look. It is how I have customized it. Visit their web site: for more screenshots. My customized version is installed on top of Ubuntu 15.04.

The Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new TDE R14.0.1 release. The Trinity Desktop Environment is a complete software desktop environment designed for Unix-like operating systems, intended for computer users preferring a traditional desktop model, and is free/libre software.

R14.0.1 is the first maintenance release of the R14.0 series, and is the result of several months of ongoing effort by the TDE development team. Maintenance releases are intended to promptly bring bug fixes to users, while preserving overall stability through the avoidance of both new features and major codebase re-factoring.

R14.0.1 Release Notes
This section highlights some of the most important fixes introduced by this release
* Added support for Ubuntu Vivid 15.04
* Added initial support for FreeBSD
* Added support for ARM64 and PowerPC64le
* Konqueror file filtering now works correctly
* TDE session manager crashes should no longer be experienced
* KHelpcenter incorrectly displayed content is now visualized correctly
* Incorrect window transparency with TDE Compton has been eliminated
* Incorrect circular dependency in Debian/Ubuntu packages has been resolved
* TDEFileReplace no longer hangs/crashes when circular links are encountered
* TDENetworkManager no longer crashes if an interace is removed
* TDENetworkManager no longer hangs on point-to-point connections
* TDevelop cmake template projects now builds correctly
* Digikam slideshow no longer hangs
* Several qt3/tqt3 security alerts have been fixed
* Several FTBFS has been addressed
* KDesktop no longer hangs on startup
* KMail no longer crashes if closed in offline mode
* KSquirrel can load codecs - works again

The complete list of bugs fixed in this release is available here.

A detailed commit change log is also available here.

Updated: September 7, 2015 — 6:47 am

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